Transitions:  The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

The energy is shifting in the universe, we are shifting with it.
We are multi-dimensional beings. As we go through these many shifts and changes,
we do not have to do so alone.
Sometimes, we just need a little help.
That's why Lelane and myself are here for you.
Susie Grimmett

Distance Reiki  Sessions
Intuitive-Medium Readings

1/2 or 1 hour sessions are available

Hi! Susie Grimmett here.
I have moved to North Dakota on May. 17th 2014
but I am still working via Skype.
Please download Skype. It is free.
You can make an appointment by going to the appointment page.
It is very simple.

*Body Talk sessions avaibile by, Leleane Luttrell CBT.
(Please read about Body Talk, it is a wonderful modiality.)
You can make an appointment with either of one of us by clicking on ithe appointment icon.

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